How do I become a talent on your books?

Please apply using the online application, follow the instructions and wait for a response in regards to whether  you have been successful or unsuccessful.

If you have problems with the online application please email your application to include some basic details and a current snap shot.

We like to meet all of our new talent so if your application is successful you will be asked to come in for a brief interview where we explain in greater details about our agency.

What age group do you take on?

Azure is a talent agency and therefor requires talent from ALL ages and ethnicities. We have recently started a children's section and will be representing a small group of children.

REAL couples and families  is also a growing demand in the industry , so it's a great opportunity for everyone to be involved.

What kind of work does Azure Management do?

It depends on your ability. Azure submits talent for tv series, commercials, films, presenting work, photographic work and promotions.
We submit each talent as an individual according to their performance abilities. 

Talent are submitted from background performers, through to featured roles, bit parts and main roles.

How do I become an Actor on your books?

Azure represents a small group of Actors. After the initial interview we will let you know if  you have enough training to be put forward for an assessment.

Each actor will undergo an individual assessment/ on screen audition. The agency will organise this for you and this is explained in full detail at the interview.

Can I be represented by more than one agency?

No. We work very hard in representing  you for  work that we submit you for and it becomes very confusing to not only our clients but also the individual accounts departments.

What commission do you take?

We take 15% (+ GST) on all film and tv series based work and 20% (+GST) on all commercial and photographic work. Please view our website for talent terms & conditions.

What rates will I expect to be paid?

Each job pays a different rate we usually advise you of rates when we check your availability for jobs . We work alongside with the MEAA award rates for Actors. Some talent can earn between hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars depending on the job.