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Upon registering with agency your profile will be displayed on the website to confirm your representation.

All talent registered here by acknowledge and agree to allow azure management to organise castings and bookings, negotiate fees and sign contracts on there behalf.

For this service, all talent agree to pay Azure Management Commission from the Gross negotiated fee.

  • Commission: 20 % ( plus 2 % GST) - TV Commercials, Photographic, Promotions
  • 15% (plus 1.5% GST) - Film , TV Series & Theatre

PLEASE NOTE this is not a contract, its a working agreement between Azure Talent and the agency.

The agreement can be dissolved by either party in WRITING at any time. ( keep in mind as long as you appear on our website you are being represented by Azure Management) .

(All completed assignments through the agency will remain the agencies responsibility in-perpetuity and the agency will endeavour to forward any residuals, loadings & rollovers to past talent.)

All talent are responsible for their own taxation and personal insurance requirements .

Agency will endeavor to promote talent to their fullest potential, but cannot, however, guarantee work. Also understand that the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the clients for all work assignments.

Please contact this office for further information at or visit the Contact Us page.